I love to travel! I love it more than coffee....maybe. 

This package is for those who want to explore a little more! This includes all travel expenses, lodging and everything else that comes with being a part of your destination wedding! This is for any weddings in states not neighboring Indiana.

On the wedding day, you receive an unlimited amount of time with me as your photographer. That means I show up when you two start getting ready, photograph through the ceremony, the reception and all the fun events, and continue to capture all the crazy and sometimes embarrassing dancing photos after. During the wedding day I also help coordinate photo opportunities as well as make sure the day runs smoothly as scheduled.

Another thing this package offers is as much help and communication with me before and after the wedding. I love helping to set up wedding day schedules, coordinate with your vendors, and answer any questions you have about the wedding day, even if it is not about photography.