Bridal Show Newbie - Midwest Rentals Bridal Show

If you follow me at all on Instagram (@beyondthepines_photo), then you saw my shout out posts to two of the most amazing artists I have in my life who helped me with this months Midwest Bridal Expo in Lafayette, IN!

The first is my sister, Carley Kaeser. She has always been an art inspiration to me. Her style, her designs, and her ideas have always helped push me think outside the box about my photography. She has been working hard to open her first Etsy store and started an Instagram to display some of her new Dream Catcher creations! (IG:@ I was able to design my whole aesthetic for my photo booth around her dream catchers and have them displayed around my home! They ad a unique, boho vibe to a room and are great gifts for everyone! I am in awe of her creativity and the personal details and care she puts into everything she designs!


The second artist is my longtime best friend Emma Bugher (still cannot believe she is a Bugher!) She has always been extremely creative! I remember begging her to create artwork for my apartment in college and using her style and decor as inspiration for my own place. After a few years of begging and constantly telling her that she needed to sell her work and create her own font, she has finally started doing just that! She make wood signs, beautiful, unique water colors, addresses envelopes, and uses her fonts for personalized quotes. Her artwork is hanging up along side my sisters in my home! Go check out her work on Instagram!


I am so lucky to have these two creative souls in my life to support and push me!