Two Brides Are Better Than One

Throughout the entire day I was joking about how I refuse to photograph a wedding without two brides from now on! But honestly, it almost wasn't a joke. Allison and Alyssa were two of the most beautiful, loving, and thoughtful brides I had ever had and I was able to photograph them both, together, on the same day

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A World Apart

Ten days before their wedding day, I got a rushed email from Ryan and Erin about photographing their wedding. Their photographer got sick and they needed someone who was still available for the fall wedding season in Indiana. I cannot imagine being a bride and having no photographer a week and half before my wedding day! They told me that they felt lucky to find a photographer so fast, but I felt lucky after getting to know them both, shooting at a beautiful venue, and enjoying a perfect fall day in Indiana for a wedding!

Ryan is stationed in Italy with the Navy and Erin lives in Indiana. If that's not worlds apart, then I don't know what is. They met while Ryan was home a little over two years ago and had to either decide to let it be a fling and move on, or put all their trust in one another and work hard everyday to make it to their wedding day! Finally, on their two year anniversary, Erin and Ryan get to celebrate their wedding day together! Even though they still have a while before they are living in the same country, they put all their trust and faith in one another until that day comes. If that isn't love, then I don't know what is. 

Enjoy your time together on your honeymoon, Erin and Ryan!

Thank you Zyntango Farm for your amazing hospitality, help, and care during this beautiful wedding!!