Baby Bearden - Lafayette, Indiana Maternity Session

So, it is the beginning of May and I have drastically failed on my new years resolution more and share the stories of the wonderful people I meet during this photo journey I am on. 

Lets start again!

Meet Meghan and Corey Bearden! Soon to be parents of Baby Bearden and the wonderful couple featured in my first ever in-home maternity session. I have been falling in love with in-home sessions lately. They are so intimate and personal to the couple I am photographing and it adds a personal touch to each moment captured. 

There's this special thing that happens during a couple's session, its something that I try very hard to create for each of my couples. It's that moment when they forget that I am there. I'm invisible. During these moments I get to capture who they truly are together; no poses, so fake laughs, no ridiculous dad jokes. Just them. It's magical and the true reason I do all of this. I get to capture the true beauty of the moment, whether it's them laughing at something they whispered to each other, or the surprised look she gets when he licks her face...the true life everyday moments. 

This session was filled with those little moments! 


Makeup: MoMichelle LLC

Hair: Chelsea Schlueter

I am so excited for Meghan and Corey and the little life they are bringing into this world! They will be such amazing parents!