Maranda + Simon - Rocky Ford, Indiana; Engagement Session

During Maranda and Simon’s engagement session, the snow kissed the fallen Autumn leaves. We were kind of stuck between a beautiful fall evening and a cold winter night.

I was excited when Maranda and Simon picked Rocky Ford, Indiana for their engagement session! They both grew up enjoying hot summer days along the creek with friends and family, even before they were together! Maranda even had a favorite rock where they both snuggled while looking out over the rushing creek and sharing a cold beer together!

When choosing an engagement location, I always ask my couples if they have a place that is special to them. Whether it’s a park, their home, or a random wilderness, I always encourage my couples to pick a place that they love and share memories together. If they don’t have a special place, thats okay too! I am always happy to find a new location and help them create new lasting memories!

Abigail KaeserComment