Hakuna Matata

For most people, Winter in Indiana is not an ideal time to get married. For photographers, we are prepared for the slow season. During this time we start vamping up our websites, going to networking events and watching editing tutorials. I don't know about other photographers, but once Spring hits and that first wedding comes around, I get anxious and excited and even a little worried. What if I forgot what to do? What if I can't remember any of my go to poses? What if my photo to-do-list that I have in the back of my head for every wedding has disappeared over the winter months? These questions flood into my head as I'm driving down to Indianapolis to shoot my first wedding of the year. (Melissa, if you're reading this, I'm sorry! I promise it gets better, just keep reading!)

As wedding photographers, we have the responsibility of not only taking pretty photos, but creating work that allows the couple to relive one of the best and most important days of their lives weeks, months and years later. No pressure. 

It wasn't until I met Melissa, David and their adorable baby Kenzie the morning of the wedding did the worry and anxiety finally fade away. I could not have asked for a more loving, relaxed, and fun couple to photograph my first wedding of 2017 with. The comfort that they showed with me made me feel like a long time friend and as soon as I began photographing, everything just fell into place.

I spent only eight hours with this couple and their family and I am still in awe of how much love they had for one another and how happy they were to share this day with everyone. What impressed me most was despite all the hiccups they faced during that day, the smiles never left their faces and they went on like it was all planned. That to me shows more about what their marriage will be like than anything else.

Melissa and David, thank you both for letting me be a part of your special day! I cannot wait to work with you two in the future!


Venue: Community Life Center