You Had Me At Whitlow

Not only did this wedding have one of the most clever hashtags I have seen so far (if you don't know this quote then shame on you!), but it was also the wedding of one of my longest and dearest friends Liz! We calculated at the wedding that we have known each other since we were about 7-years-old and have been through a lot of mischief over the last 18 years. We met in Missouri for our family's annual camping trip and have been close ever since. Many stories of lost swimsuits, crashing ATVs, and sipping our parents drinks when they weren't looking come from these camping trips. And even though we became (semi) grown ups and have had to miss a few years here and there, we have stayed forever close.

My mom, dad and their friends have been camping in Missouri ever since they were in college...a long time ago! And for some odd and funny reason, all of these guys that used to party here every spring break and Fourth of July decided they were going to have girls. All girls. So bringing a boy into this environment can be a dangerous one, and Liz had the courage to bring Will into this crazy group one year! Let's just say that for Will, it was almost like meeting five of your girlfriends (drunk) dads all at once, with guns, alcohol, and long interrogations thrown into the mix. I couldn't have been more impressed with how Will stood his ground that week and made it to this beautiful wedding day years later! Good job Will!

I was beyond honored to be able to not only photograph, but be a part of Liz and Will's wedding. It has not been a rare occurrence that I have become more like a guest with a big camera at most of my weddings, but this one was extra special to me!

Congratulations to you both and I wish you all the luck with your new married life and future camping trips!

Venue: Barn on Boundary


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