Two Brides Are Better Than One

Throughout the entire day I was joking about how I refuse to photograph a wedding without two brides from now on! But honestly, it almost wasn't a joke. Allison and Alyssa were two of the most beautiful, loving, and thoughtful brides I had ever had and I was able to photograph them both, together, on the same day. That means two beautiful white dresses, two shiny rings, two big white smiles while getting ready, and two wonderful kind hearts to fill the day with love and happiness! 

A week after I met with Allison and Alyssa to go over details, they packed up their little family and moved to New York for Allison's job. She has been an Air Force Cadet for 4 years now. From there, they continued to organized their perfect wedding! They planned to fly home to Indiana the day before the wedding, party it up, fly out the day after the wedding to their honeymoon, then fly straight to their new home in New York the afterwards. All this with only a carry-on thank you! 

Even with the fear of horrible storms, mosquito stampedes, some stressful planning mishaps, and a not so attractive mens dressing room (I mean really, guys need mirrors too!), their wedding day was a perfect fairy tale! The love and care they showed for each other was constant from the moment they showed up to the venue, to the moment they shared their first look and exchanged secret vows, to the moment they said "I do".

It was my first lesbian wedding, and I truly hope it isn't my last!!

Venue: Hidden Hollow Farms, Crawfordsville, IN

DJ: Sound Swarm Entertainment